Grow a dynamic knowledge base of product and support information sourced from customers and staff

Building thriving, self-service customer service communities is made possible through extensive knowledge bases, brand-champion-led forums, and timely, relevant blogs. The  powerful suite of community-based service tools enable customers to easily find the answers they need and contribute alongside other peers.

Blogs Publish content, engage communities, spark conversations

Increase customer engagement by publishing blogs from multiple authors, broadcast content to customer communities and mine the conversations that ensue.

Discussion Forums Spark the conversations, listen & engage

Use discussion forums to increase visitor browser time & retention, engage customers and collect market research.

Events Publish events & accept registrations

Enable event management using CRM workflows and portal displays to help coordinate event information and keep registrants notified.

Facebook Integration Publish portal apps within Facebook desktop

Run your CRM-backed customer service applications directly on branded Facebook pages.

Knowledge Base Help users find answers 24/7

Empower users to find answers to their issues online any time of day and from any device.

Search Seek and find

Search and find important data quickly within any CRM portal object (including custom entities) using the convenient, integrated search tool.