Inform and engage constituents using social media and web portal publishing tools.

Blogs Publish content, engage communities, spark conversations

Increase customer engagement by publishing blogs from multiple authors, broadcast content to customer communities and mine the conversations that ensue.

Discussion Forums Spark the conversations, listen & engage

Use discussion forums to increase visitor browser time & retention, engage customers and collect market research.

Events Publish events & accept registrations

Enable event management using CRM workflows and portal displays to help coordinate event information and keep registrants notified.

Facebook Integration Publish portal apps within Facebook desktop

Run your CRM-backed customer service applications directly on branded Facebook pages.

Ideas Capture ideas for products or service enhancements

Empower customer communities to influence product strategy, enhance your reputation and sustain positive brand perceptions.

Issues Give customers a platform for product improvement

Your community of users can be an immediate and powerful asset when resolving issues with products and services.

Polls Ask for quick and easy feedback

Gain customer insight and increase audience engagement through the use of polls and surveys delivered directly in your web portal.

Surveys Gather deep customer insights

Gain insight from your portal audience with a flexible and easy to create surveys that automates survey requests, captures and routes customer responses based on CRM workflows.