Capture portal activity data, generate reports, analyze for understanding, adapt for growth

Harnessing the power of data from every customer interaction in your CRM allows to make the best decisions for the future. By gathering a complete 360 degree view of your customer, you gain invaluable insight on how they are using your services and the effect it has on the business. This allows you to adapt your business to the customer while provide outstanding service.

Call Center Integration Easily integrate knowledge base and CRM-backed agent scripts

Create a comprehensive view, with history, of citizen interactions taking place by phone or web, updated by call center representatives or by citizens directly through a citizen portal.

CRM Reports & Analytics Your Portal's Big Data - Packaged for Analysis

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM powerful report and analysis tools to track portal activities.

CRM Visual Dashboards Track individual & aggregate user activity in real time

Give administrators a bird's eye view of portal action, then drill into the details as desired.

Open Data Protocol Feeds Dynamic data for better business decisions

Deliver real-time CRM data to external applications and analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI and Excel