Deliver LEAN government by empowering departments and agencies with easy-to-configure web forms, transaction processing, administrative workflows, tracking and reporting.

Key Feature Attributes:

  • Complete online self-service for purchasing permits, licenses & inspections
  • Simplify or eliminate manual administrative processes
  • Automated system validation of information
  • Online payment processing through PayPal &
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards provide instant status & feedback on efficiency
  • Includes sample applications for encroachment, food services, irrigation, signage, temporary use, fireworks & more

Expedite Permit, Licensing & Inspection Activities

Easily configure application forms and workflows to automate unique business processes, eliminating time consuming customization and technical development requirements.

Ecommerce Transaction Processing Built-In

Instantly process commerce transactions with built-in use of Authorize.NET and PayPal payment gateways, or simply configure your portal for dozens of others.

Grant Application, Assessment & Management

Ensure grant submissions are completed with all required information, route them through adjudication and award processes, manage disbursements or entitlements, and track outcomes - all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Demonstrate LEAN Efficiency

Citizen self-service portals help minimize administration costs by validating inbound submissions, automating distribution and workflows, and simplifying processing activities

Increase inbound capacity and reduce administrative costs with CRM-backed, citizen self-service permit, license and grant applications.