Keep on top of your distributed sale funnel with at-a-glance and detailed views of distributed opportunities, their progress and dimensions.

Key Feature Attributes:

  • Manage & distribute opportunities to partners
  • Route opportunities to select partners based on workflow rules
  • Centrally monitor status of all open opportunities
  • Track pipeline stats for each partner

Opportunity Distribution Automation

Route opportunities automatically to partners based on a set of predefined rules.

Eligible partners can view and select opportunities that have not yet been accepted by another partner. Declined opportunities are automatically returned to the pool allowing other partners to accept them.

A view of all accepted opportunities appears on the Manage Opportunities page and can be assigned, edited, updated, won, have contacts added, and returned to the distribution pool.

Opportunity Tracking & Management

Opportunities accepted by a partner, as well as new custom opportunities created by a partner are easily viewed under Opportunity Management.

Opportunities are listings include a status flag, so those needing urgent attention are quickly addressed.

Streamline the management of opportunities with search, sort, filter or export functions.

Tracking of pipeline status, what opportunities have been won, which ones have been returned or lost is centrally viewable through Partner Portal.

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