Customer support communities aren't complete without interactive, self-service help desk capabilities. With Adxstudio Portals, you've got a complete support experience in-the-box.

To begin a case, customers are encouraged to search their issue from among previously resolved cases and published content. Common troubles are often resolved without impacting care centre resources. If not, customers can open a free ticket or purchase paid support (or package of tickets) using a simplified commerce/cart transaction. Their corporate customer service experience continues with Help Desk management of ticket entitlements, case workflow and customer satisfaction surveys.

Case Access Permissions Control access to case tracking & entitlements

Improve self-service portal capabilities for account holders with the ability to manage privileges of associated account contacts according to assigned permission settings.

Case Deflection Minimize inbound requests with search and relevant content

Reduce customer service costs with a well populated customer community and library of knowledge base articles to avoid opening common ticket requests.

Case Entitlements Issue, manage & track support entitlements

Improve customer service resource planning by offering account support plans with paid or prepaid support entitlements while managing and tracking support consumption.

Case e-Payment Enhance free offerings with paid help desk tickets

Provide customer support plan flexibility to your customers by selling single or bundled support case tickets and manage their associated entitlements.

Case Management Give portal users self-service case management

Give accounts and customers portal access to their in-progress and closed case history.

Case Satisfaction Surveys Keep tabs on customer satisfaction

Continually improve customer service engagements by automating satisfaction survey requests.

Knowledge Base Help users find answers 24/7

Empower users to find answers to their issues online any time of day and from any device.

User Profile Management Let portal users self-manage account and profile information

Capture user profiling information relevant to your business with a customizable web form.