Drive citizen satisfaction, streamline administration and reduce costs with a self-service portal that can be used from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

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Citizen Service Request Features

Alerts Keep portal users up to date

Give users the option to sign up for portal alerts when content is updated or workflows are fired.

Citizen Profile & Email Opt-In Let citizens manage their own account preferences

Allow for greater citizen engagement with email opt-in and self-service profiling offered on a citizen portal.

Facebook Portal Let citizens submit requests on their favourite social platform

Increase citizen interactions by embedding citizen web applications in Facebook and leveraging Facebook login as an authentication option.

Facility Finder Pin & promote facilities on online maps

Ensure citizens can easily discover facility locations using a map-based locater feature integrated in your citizen portal.

Open Data Protocol Share portal data with external applications & services

Deliver real-time CRM data to external applications and analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI and Excel to create customized reporting and dashboards.

Open Data Protocol Feeds Dynamic data for better business decisions

Deliver real-time CRM data to external applications and analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI and Excel

Responsive Website Design Ensure effective portal usability on any device

Provide a modern, customizable citizen engagement experience available on any device without technical development.

Self-Service Web Forms with Picture Upload & Geolocation Enhance requests with photos & precise locations

Get more sophisticated details on incoming portal service requests by allowing citizens to upload images and pinpoint the location of issues.

Service Request Mapping Prioritize resources quickly with at-a-glance map views

Optimize service resolution resources by integrating Bing mapping into service request information.

311 Knowledge Base Keep citizens & employees informed

Streamline support costs by allowing your citizens to self-service issues with access to a database of resolutions and other information that can be searched on your 311 portal.

311 Service Request Gallery Get started quickly with pre-configured service requests

Leverage pre-configured commercial, residential, street infrastructure and other non-emergency local service requests to expedite your 311 citizen services portal implementation.

Case Deflection with Knowledge Base & Alerts Increase inbound capacity with helpful issue deflection

Reduce service costs with a library of knowledge base articles and an option for citizens to receive alert notifications to avoid opening common ticket requests.

Duplicate Detection Automatically detect duplicate requests to minimize coordination effort

Save valuable time and resources by detecting duplicate citizen service requests to avoid redundant effort in resolution.

SLA Management Ensure efficient time to service

Improve citizen satisfaction by setting response time on incoming requests while tracking, reviewing and improving performance with real-time data.

SMS & Email Notifications Connect using platforms your audiences prefer

Increase citizen engagement with automated notifications when service request status is changed.

Twitter to Service Request Listen and address citizen concerns

Monitor social chatter to manage public perception and resolve potential service issues quickly. 

Work Assignment & Tracking Automate request routing and reporting

Improve efficiency and transparency by assigning and tracking citizen services requests through established workflows.

Agent 311 Search Ensure agent effectiveness with up-to-the-minute information

Create a more efficient support center operation by empowering service center agents to access alerts and knowledge base information resulting improved citizen satisfaction.

Call Scripting Ensure no information is missed

Reduce service center call times by providing agents a CRM-integrated walkthrough wizard for capturing all the required information to open a citizen service request.

Send KB Articles Via Email or Text Inform constituents through multiple channels

Satisfy citizen requests with knowledge base articles sent directly to their email or via SMS based on the citizen profile details.

Unified Service Desk (USD) Unify your customer service history

Aggregate customer data from multiple customer service channels into one desktop application view.

311 Service Request Gallery Get started quickly with pre-configured service requests

Leverage pre-configured commercial, residential, street infrastructure and other non-emergency local service requests to expedite your 311 citizen services portal implementation.

Customized Fields & Service Request Types Easily configure custom service requests

Capture the precise information you need with customized forms for service request types to support any scenario.

Dashboard & Charts Display your data your way

Gather and assess real-time insights on portal and service activities with customizable dashboard and charts.

Workflow Automation Reduce administrative activity with configurable CRM workflows

Streamline processes with customized workflows that minimize staff involvement.

Address Validation Ensure accuracy & augment address data

Improve the accuracy of address data submitted by web portal users to increase responsive capabilities.

Bing Mapping Service Introduce interactive mapping services to portal users

Provide a modern mapping experience with seamless integration across the Microsoft stack.

Custom GIS Services (Draft) Subhead goes here

Extend GIS mapping and geographic services in your web portal with custom data critical to your local government services.

ESRI ArcGIS Integration Integrate deep GIS features from leading mapping services

Integrate globally recognized ESRI ArcGIS mapping and geographic information into your citizen engagement portal to share, track and gather data.

Blogs Publish content, engage communities, spark conversations

Increase customer engagement by publishing blogs from multiple authors, broadcast content to customer communities and mine the conversations that ensue.

Calendar View View date-associated records in a convenient calendar format

Render entity list records on a calendar, add interactive detail views and registration functions, then trigger .ICS appointment requests

Discussion Forums Spark the conversations, listen & engage

Use discussion forums to increase visitor browser time & retention, engage customers and collect market research.

Events Publish events & accept registrations

Enable event management using CRM workflows and portal displays to help coordinate event information and keep registrants notified.

Federated Authentication Let users sign in using the providers they choose

Create easy to access web portal with authentication accounts that your customers are familiar with such as; Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more.  

Ideas Capture ideas for products or service enhancements

Empower customer communities to influence product strategy, enhance your reputation and sustain positive brand perceptions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forget data synchronization, Adxstudio Portals is fully integrated with your favorite CRM

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the database for your web portal, providing direct integration between the portal experience and changes in CRM.

Service Scheduling Self Service Service Scheduling

Allow users the self-service capabilities to schedule and manage resources and appointments through your web portal.

Surveys Gather deep customer insights

Gain insight from your portal audience with a flexible and easy to create surveys that automates survey requests, captures and routes customer responses based on CRM workflows.

Emergency Management Prepare, organize, respond & recover

Provide critical information with an instantly scalable, cloud-hosted web portal for emergency readiness, response & recovery during times of crisis.

Permits, Licensing & Inspections Offer self-service applications & transaction processing

Deliver LEAN government by empowering departments and agencies with easy-to-configure web forms, transaction processing, administrative workflows, tracking and reporting.

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