Engage your citizens with community, social and portal publishing tools.

Key Feature Attributes:

  • Host virtual town halls with discussion forums
  • Plan, manage & announce events online
  • Gather citizen feedback through Ideas & Issues
  • Monitor satisfaction & sentiment with polls & surveys
  • Integrate applications directly in Facebook

Connect Elected Officials & Administrators with Citizens

Use Adxstudio Portals blog, discussion forum and event applications as an interactive communications platform to engage citizens in issues, evolve policy and draft strategic plans.

Use Social Network Platforms to Engage Citizens

Integrate Facebook and Twitter within your jurisdiction's CRM portal - deliver announcements and initiate conversations - even offer citizen services directly from within Facebook!

Monitor Citizen Satisfaction & Sentiment

Encourage deeper citizen involvement and understanding with portal polls, surveys, discussion forums, citizen content contributions and web page comments and ratings.

Build and Maintain Public Participation and Trust

Service request and application tracking, election awareness, public participation and web-based collaboration all contribute positively to citizen satisfaction and earned public trust