Adxstudio Portals is packed with dozens of web portal features, categorized here for your convenience.

Contacts The foundation for a secure, personalized portal experience

Provide self-service access to customers to manage contact details and password information or trigger password reset as needed.

Federated Authentication Let users sign in using the providers they choose

Create easy to access web portal with authentication accounts that your customers are familiar with such as; Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more.  

User Profile Management Let portal users self-manage account and profile information

Capture user profiling information relevant to your business with a customizable web form.

Web Roles Fit users with their rights & entitlements

Set user rights and reward brand advocates with special status, building reputation for your organization.

Entity Actions Bring advanced CRM functionality to your portal

Trigger powerful workflows, delete records, or change the status of records - right from your portal.

Entity Form Publish any CRM form live on your portal

Enable portal user self-service by exposing any pre-configured or customized CRM form in your system through your web portal.

Entity List Publish CRM records for display & edit

Configure web pages that expose lists of CRM data with customizable levels of details to your portal users that can also be managed by authenticated users.

Entity Permissions Secure entity records & attributes for a personalized experience

Increase the security of your web portal by easily configuring granular rights on custom web applications to create record-based permissions.

Open Data Protocol Feeds Dynamic data for better business decisions

Deliver real-time CRM data to external applications and analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI and Excel

Ads Create and run advertisements on your site

Spotlight key messages and drive customers to the areas of your website that will result in the most business value and customer satisfaction.

Files & Attachments Publish files & media for view, play or download

Deliver expanded content by including supporting resources for customers to view, play or download such as documents, files, videos and audio clips.

Links Connect to web resources within or external to your portal

Provide direct, managed access to relevant and related web resources from within portal content.

Redirects Route URL traffic to ensure continuity and visitor satisfaction

Create a consistent user experience on your portal by routing URL traffic either permanently or temporarily to ensure continuity.

Rich Content Editor Powerful content management for the masses

Give non-technical users the ability to publish rich content through a simple interface.

Search Seek and find

Search and find important data quickly within any CRM portal object (including custom entities) using the convenient, integrated search tool.

Sitemap Structure your website to your design

Improve the search ability of your web portal and structure your website design to optimize layout and discoverability.

Web Pages A Foundation for Your Web Content

Create hierarchy and relationship between content in your web portal by creating web pages with unique URLs.

Help Desk Give customers a 24/7 self-service support portal

Customer support communities aren't complete without interactive, self-service help desk capabilities.

Account Management Manage users, their permissions & entitlements

Easily manage users, permissions and rights handling to maximize the speed and efficiency of workflows and processes.

Knowledge Base Help users find answers 24/7

Empower users to find answers to their issues online any time of day and from any device.

Discussion Forums Spark the conversations, listen & engage

Use discussion forums to increase visitor browser time & retention, engage customers and collect market research.

Facebook Integration Publish portal apps within Facebook desktop

Run your CRM-backed customer service applications directly on branded Facebook pages.

Ideas Capture ideas for products or service enhancements

Empower customer communities to influence product strategy, enhance your reputation and sustain positive brand perceptions.

Issues Give customers a platform for product improvement

Your community of users can be an immediate and powerful asset when resolving issues with products and services.

Polls Ask for quick and easy feedback

Gain customer insight and increase audience engagement through the use of polls and surveys delivered directly in your web portal.

Surveys Gather deep customer insights

Gain insight from your portal audience with a flexible and easy to create surveys that automates survey requests, captures and routes customer responses based on CRM workflows.

Customer Management Deliver personalized service

Stay on top of customer account and contact portal activities in CRM, derive preferences and deliver customized offers.

Opportunity Distribution Distribute leads using your choice of logic

Create a systematic approach to distributing and managing new opportunities within your partner channel.

Opportunity Management Track distributed opportunity status in real time

Keep on top of your distributed sale funnel with at-a-glance and detailed views of distributed opportunities, their progress and dimensions.

Ecommerce Transactions Accept payments using your choice of gateways

Accept credit cards with secure payment processing via Pay Pal, Authorize.NET or through custom integration of your preferred payment gateway.

Invoices Deliver and process invoices, give account holders access to retrieve

Manage customer invoicing needs including creation of invoice upon payment and providing access to invoicing records.

Orders Give portal users direct access to their order history

Let users review their purchasing activity by enabling detailed views of the order history associated to their authenticated account.

Products & Catalogues Easily organize product offerings in categorized catalogs

Showcase your product line and increase sales transactions by exposing real-time CRM-back product information to the web.

Quotes Quickly package sales quotes built from CRM product catalogs

Provide quotes on configured items in customer shopping carts, save quote history in associated accounts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ensure your portal content is found

Increase discoverability of your web content with meta data, ratings and comments, used by popular search engines to help judge content relevance.

Shopping Cart More Check-Outs, Less Abandons

Increase online sales transactions with add-to-cart, view-cart and checkout functions that make sales conversions easy and reliable. 

Citizen Service Requests Empower citizens with self-service submissions

Drive citizen satisfaction, streamline administration and reduce costs with a self-service portal that can be used from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Citizen Engagement Inform & Engage Constituents

Engage your citizens with community, social and portal publishing tools.

Emergency Management Prepare, organize, respond & recover

Provide critical information with an instantly scalable, cloud-hosted web portal for emergency readiness, response & recovery during times of crisis.

Permits, Licensing & Inspections Offer self-service applications & transaction processing

Deliver LEAN government by empowering departments and agencies with easy-to-configure web forms, transaction processing, administrative workflows, tracking and reporting.

Accessibility Provide access to content for all types of users

Create portals that are easily accessible for all users with tools built to accommodate W3C and WCAG standards.

Bootstrap Design Framework Leverage today's industry standard, mobile-first design framework

Save design resources by using the built-in Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and Java Script framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

HTML5 & CSS3 Use industry standard, responsive display technology for mobile & desktop

Interact with customers wherever they choose, on any mobile or computer device with device-responsive, web browser display technology built-in.

Responsive Website Design Ensure effective portal usability on any device

Provide a modern, customizable citizen engagement experience available on any device without technical development.

Branding & Design Express your brand with logos, type, color & style

Ensure your portal website and corporate brand guidelines are in perfect sync with integrated logos, color and typography standards, optimized content, and calls to action.

Conference Management Manage events, sessions, registrations, speakers & scheduling

Deliver world-class events with centralized planning, marketing, scheduling & speaker management capabilities - give attendees online registration with payment processing, self-service session signup, alerts & scheduling.

Content Management Manage portal websites with a comprehensive, CRM-backed CMS

Build engaging, interactive web portals using a CRM-integrated suite of web publishing tools and applications.

Dynamic Web Templating Serve dynamically generated webpages, on demand

Attract and retain customers to your website portal with completely customizable and dynamic content without the use of technical development resources.

Events Publish events & accept registrations

Enable event management using CRM workflows and portal displays to help coordinate event information and keep registrants notified.

Lead Generation Forms Begin to build engaging relationships

Fill your sales funnel with qualified leads, instantly updating your CRM database and automatically triggering follow up the workflow actions you decide.

Compatibility Always up to date with the latest Dynamics CRM release

Adxstudio Portals is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013 and CRM Online.

Deployment Choice Exercise your right to choose: on-premise or in the cloud

Deploy your Microsoft Dynamics CRM backed web portal on-premise or in the cloud with Dynamics CRM online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forget data synchronization, Adxstudio Portals is fully integrated with your favorite CRM

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the database for your web portal, providing direct integration between the portal experience and changes in CRM.

SharePoint Integration Leverage SharePoint's secure document management

Easily integrate work-flow enhanced portal apps with secure SharePoint document libraries to display SharePoint files on the portal and save files uploaded from a web portal to SharePoint.

Windows Azure Host your portal in Azure, the cloud for modern business

Streamline IT resources by leveraging Windows Azure to host your web portal.