This case study describes the 311 Citizen Services Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM developed in part by Adxstudio.

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Citizen-Centric Web Portals

The Microsoft 311 Service Center Accelerator provides cities and counties with a citizen-centric solution framework to manage, track and report on 311 service center activities. Using the power of Dynamics CRM, you can streamline processes in your service center, making it quick and easy for constituents to retrieve information, make service requests and track request outcomes. Jurisdictions benefit from efficient resource utilization, speedy workflow automation and enhanced citizen satisfaction.

Working with Microsoft and Unisys, Adxstudio developed the Microsoft 311 Service Center Accelerator using their web portal technology framework.

Key Benefits

With the Microsoft 311 Service Center Accelerator for Dynamics CRM, service centers can:

  • provide efficient, informative and accountable citizen-centric services to jurisdictions;
  • increase the productivity and effectiveness of front-line staff with fluid workflow and familiar software tools;
  • enhance strategic administrative decision making with informative statistical reports and analysis; and perhaps most importantly,
  • engage and satisfy the needs of jurisdiction citizens


Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure

Built on Microsoft’s fully integrated Dynamics CRM and Azure platforms, with both on-premise and online delivery models, you can embrace the cloud-computing model with a citizen-facing portal AND a comprehensive backend management solution.

Extensible and Customizable

Tailor the 311 accelerator to meet specific and evolving service requirements using its extensible and customizable framework, and easily integrate legacy systems. Streamline citizen communications channels with robust back-office processes and a citizen self-serve toolset that includes knowledge-base access, submission of service requests, and up-to-the-minute tracking of service request status.

Multi-Tenant Capable

The multi-tenant deployment capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows local governments to run multiple 311 service center instances on a single server. Cities can provide services to smaller communities through a shared services center resulting in cost reductions for partnered local authorities.

Integrated Geo-Spatial Functionality

With the 311 accelerator’s geo-spatial features, service data points are mapped, enhancing the visualization of service request types, locations, priorities, status and other pertinent data at a glance.

Platform Agnostic - Web & Mobile‚Ä®

Integrated mobile portal views work across all browser-enabled mobile devices. Citizens can remotely submit requests and jurisdiction workers can update request status directly from the field.

Citizen Self-Service

Citizens can self-register, submit requests, view the status of open cases, read announcements, follow twitter feeds and search knowledge-base repositories for information used to resolve issues quickly without the need for service agent assistance.

Map-Based Reporting

Citizens can interact with a web-based geographical mapping component designed to enhance the visualization of service requests by type, location, priority, status and other relevant data.

Agent Call Scripts

The 311 accelerator includes interactive, agent-oriented, step-by-step dialog scripts to help handle inbound calls and requests as defined by service type. This helps reduce the chance of agent mistakes, ensuring a uniform citizen service experience, and improves service efficiency and data quality.

Case Management

The Microsoft 311 Service Center Accelerator supports the complete lifecycle of case management through an extensible service request engine featuring sample requests accompanied by appropriate workflow for each service type.

Management Dashboards & Reporting

A variety of 311 accelerator management dashboards help improve efficiencies, enhance performance tracking and ensure tactical accountability. Quickly view interactive summary data to prioritize workloads, verify request statistics and analyze trends. Using sophisticated report generators, managers can assess aggregate statistics to help monitor ongoing service level agreements and rationalize long-term strategic plans.

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