Gap Consulting LogoGap Consulting Standardizes on Adxstudio Portals as the Platform for their Feature Rich Portals Solutions


Gap Consulting has focused on building best of breed Portal Solutions that are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to customers in the UK for several years. As their customer base grew, Gap Consulting looked for ways they could streamline their development efforts to better meet the growing needs of their existing and prospective customers.

As a result, in 2010 they sought to change their overall strategy to one that allowed Gap Consulting to establish a strategic and standardized framework that would provide cost effective, customized, online portal solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM UK market. Key to the new strategy was finding a solid portal technology platform that could meet the selection criteria Gap Consulting required.

Optimally, the team at Gap Consulting was looking for a platform that was already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, did not require an additional solution database, was developed using Microsoft’s development platform (.Net / C#), had multiple authentication methods, was modular with re-usable components, used HTTP / HTTPS based protocols and supported all of CRM’s deployment options; cloud-based, on-premise or partner-hosted.

“Adxstudio Portals has enabled us to standardize our delivery of Event, HR and IT portal solutions."
Michael Jarvis, President, Gap Consulting


Late in 2010, Gap Consulting found the solution that met their requirements with Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Adxstudio Portals, Gap Consulting found a technology platform that had pre-built technology for authentication, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, content management, security, all supporting the required deployment options, and more.

“Adxstudio Portals has enabled us to standardize our delivery of Event, HR and IT portal solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on a robust, supported platform,” said Michael Jarvis, President of Gap Consulting. “As a result, we’ve been able to replace custom platform code and productize our portal suite. Today we’re exclusively focused on accelerating our development efforts to bring the enhanced features and functionality our customers require to meet their changing needs.”

Gap Consulting Screen ShotA Technology Partnership that ‘Fit the Bill’.

“When you bet your business on a strategy that includes the adoption of a technology platform you didn’t build, you need to be 100% sure that the investment you make is not only based on meeting the technical requirements but is also supported by a strong, reputable partner,” comments Michael. 

As part of Gap Consulting’s due diligence factors like support, community, and training were reviewed carefully.  Founded in 1998, Adxstudio’s  proven track record, team of technical and support experts placed them on the top when Gap Consulting completed their review process.

“We interviewed key team members at Adxstudio to ensure that they would be able to not only help my development team get up to speed quickly on the platform, but to also ensure that Adxstudio had a solid support process in place as we put our plan in place,” states Michael. “I believe we definitely made the right decision.”


Providing Focus that Drives Results.
Using Adxstudio Portals, the Gap Consulting team is now able to focus on customer solutions that can be delivered more quickly and are easier to maintain and enhance over time.  The strategic move to standardize on a common portals platform has allowed Gap Consulting the ability to streamline their development efforts to areas where they can add the most value for their customers.  And the portfolio of customers has already started to grow using the new standard framework. 

Cellnovo offers a revolutionary mobile diabetes management system that is easy to use, accessible, and easily understood by it’s customers.  Gap Consulting was able to build a custom solution for Cellnovo using Adxstudio portals as the framework.  “It’s a win-win for us, we were focused on Cellnovo’s unique system requirements while still delivering a solution faster than we were previously able to.” Michael adds, “And Cellnovo in turn provides value to their customers who are now able to access self-help material through an online customer care portal.”

A Proven Platform that allows Gap Consulting to Scale.
Adxstudio Portals and Gap Consulting’s Manager Suite has turned out to be a proven solution that scales for Gap Consulting.  With three customers already on the new platform and more than five customer solutions already being built, Gap Consulting continues to be able to optimize their development efforts as well as continue to build out core product functionality in their Manager Suite that sets them apart from their competitors.

“Best of all, ongoing enhancements to our product line has resulted in our customers achieving efficiencies that benefit their customers and other stakeholders,” said Michael. "With Adxstudio Portals and Gap Consulting’s HR and Training Manager, Merseytravel was able to reduce the workload of their existing Human Resources team by allowing it’s managers and employees to access information themselves. Enabling them to easily review training needs as well as make training booking requests through the portal."


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