See how Adxstudio Portals powers a diverse range of  application solutions.

Case Study: Grand Rapids, Michigan

When Becky Jo Glover joined the City of Grand Rapids, she stepped into a basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. The organization was dealing with few standardized responses, limited tracking documentation on inquiries, and had several small call centers backlogged with open requests. Becky shares, “One of the reasons I chose to work for the City was the powerful IT structure. But our organization didn’t realize what they had; Microsoft Dynamics CRM had capabilities that the City could not even imagine.”

The City now uses Adxstudio 311 accelerator for its website. “All my dreams have been answered with our solution, from reporting to geospatial data. There is incredible depth in the combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Adxstudio,” Becky says. The City continues to evolve CRM and is making its website more userfriendly with a mobile responsive design that will allow citizens to submit their requests online. If their first experience is a good one, they’ll use that form of communication again, reducing the amount of time the City of Grand Rapids’ call center deals with phone calls and walk-in customers. Read More...

Case Study: Hillsborough County, Florida

Hillsborough County At Your Service is expanding customer service capabilities - quickly and efficiently

Hillsborough County needed to make it easier for its residents to submit requests for service and find information. The county also wanted to manage service requests more efficiently and reduce time to resolution. By partnering with Adxstudio to create a mobile-friendly web portal, the county improved customer service, reduced costs, and ensured that customer requests were being handled quickly and efficiently 24/7.

Adxstudio was able to design and build the portal in just 12 weeks, surpassing the county’s expectation for a cost-effective solution on an accelerated timeframe. Read More...


Case Study: County of San Diego

The County of San Diego is using Windows Azure and Adxstudio Portals for a powerful, scalable emergency management system.

By moving to a Microsoft cloud services solution, San Diego County now has a fully scalable, highly flexible, and low-cost emergency services portal.

By gaining support for 19 million page views per hour With Windows Azure, the county got the scalability it sought, and then some. It achieves its goal to support 120,000 page views per hour and uses only three Windows Azure instances to do so.Read More...

Case Study: Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment improved interactions with stakeholders in the regulatory community using XRM technology developed by Adxstudio and Fujitsu helps to speed applications, manage compliance and embed geomatics data within CRM records.

Case Study: Elections Saskatchewan

Built for Growth, Elections Saskatchewan’s Website Scales to 33 Thousand Page Views on Election Day

Adxstudio Inc. and Brown Communications Group were able to provide Elections Saskatchewan with a new, leading edge web site that was seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online. On the Office’s wish list - a system they could cost effectively implement on-time, provided improved communications to all stakeholders, helped streamline operations and was easy to use.

Implemented in September 2011 the new system delivered on this wish list. Voters found Polling Stations in Two Easy Clicks. Voters no longer had to click several pages deep before they could find any information on where their polling station was or had already left the site in frustration. Read More...

Case Study: Experlogix

Experlogix uses Adxstudio Portals to Enable Unassisted Quotes and Orders via the Web and for their own Support Case Management

Experlogix partnered with Adxstudio Inc. and moved forward with the implementation of Adxstudio Portals as the foundation for their portals solution. Adxstudio Portals offered a framework that Experlogix could easily tailor to meet their needs as well as had the integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM already built in.

"To remain competitive our customer’s required the ability to offer self-service portal functionality as part of the product configuration solutions they had in place," said Jeff Holway, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Experlogix. Read More...

Case Study: Gap Consulting

Gap Consulting Standardizes on Adxstudio Portals as the Platform for their Feature Rich Portals Solution

Gap Consulting found the solution that met their requirements with Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Adxstudio Portals, Gap Consulting found a technology platform that had pre-built technology for authentication, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, content management, security, all supporting the required deployment options, and more.

“Adxstudio Portals has enabled us to standardize our delivery of Event, HR and IT portal solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on a robust, supported platform,” said Michael Jarvis, President of Gap Consulting. Read More...

Case Study: Starshot

Starshot Unlocks the Web Potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Adxstudio Portals and Microsoft Windows Azure

With the Executive Exchange, Starshot used Adxstudio Portals to capture strategic executive engagements through an easy to use web interface stored automatically in a cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ultimately, this helped in driving key marketing insights for the US Microsoft team and Starshot.

Based on a defined set of premier events and key customers, Starshot was able to effectively track attendance by event and across all events year over year. Read More...

Case Study: Tectura

Tectura Optimizes Management of their Global Web Properties to a Single Platform with Adxstudio Portals

With a primary focus on their clientele and tasked with the need to improve their own web portal infrastructure and strategy, Tectura chose to look for a strong technology partner to provide that solution instead of building it themselves.

Time to market, multi-language support, centralized workflow and management were all key requirements for Tectura in order to scale to meet the needs of their global operations. Having met the team at Adxstudio a few years ago, Tectura quickly determined that Adxstudio Portals capabilities was the best fit for their requirements. Read More...